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  • Cornerstone

    Within each man is the capacity to live a full and remarkable life of enduring wisdom. Fulfillment of our highest purpose is not a “someday – one day” proposition, but for us to claim right now. These times call for Balance and Courage – come claim them for yourself in company of other Spiritual Warriors.   based on work by David Rubine

    Knight, kneelingWhat does Cornerstone mean?
    • Participate in a community of men with the shared purpose of learning more “sacred” living.
    • Be recognized for the unique gift that you are to others, not by what you do but by who you are.
    • Explore that calling within you that demands to be known by yourself and given to life.
    • Firmly engage in the processes of living, being, and following God's Will.
    This retreat allows each man to establish a new perspective on his journey by realigning with Gods Will.  We are reminded that our journey is never alone, God is with us and our families are at our side, always.  Every participant is offered a rare opportunity to engage with a community of men to discover Gods role in our lives.
    Crossroads, 2012. “Asking God for directions at the crossroads in our lives.”